How to start a challenge on Instagram

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The challenge is popular on TikTok and has already reached Instagram. It seems that Insta can’t stand the growing competition and is gradually starting to take over the main functions of TT – there has even been an attempt to introduce the format of clips, but this feature is being tested so far.

What are challenges and why are they performed? Challenge is translated from English as “challenge”, and this directly reflects the essence of the format. You do something on camera and invite other users to repeat it. What it gives:

For ordinary users – ideas for content. You don’t have to reinvent anything, just find someone else’s challenge and do better. It’s fun too.

Companies, media personalities – recognition and essentially free advertising. You can add a branded hashtag to the challenge or make a video with your product. Any mention of yourself is enough. For example, in Tik-Tok there was a challenge where you had to dance with a Pepsi gaze against the backdrop of the Magnit store. You can do something similar for Instagram.

On Instagram, challenges are posted on stories with the new # challenge sticker. Each challenge has its own hashtag, for example the hashtag #stayhomechallenge is now popular and encourages people to stay at home during quarantine. You can come up with one of your own, the most important thing is to leave the word challenge at the end, so that it is clear that this is a challenge.

A ready-to-use challenge is a story with a sticker with a cup icon next to the challenge name, and below are the users you are challenging, that is, they must film their video response using this hashtag.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to start your Challenge and indicate which friends you want to join.

Formulation of the problem

First we think about why we need a challenge – what goal we want to achieve with our video. The goals can be rotated.

draw attention to your company or person (if you are a blogger);

draw attention to a specific product or service to increase sales;

get new subscribers;

just to entertain your audience without a specific task – while still getting the result – recognition;

remind yourself when there isn’t time to post content regularly – for example, you don’t have time to upload new photos and videos right now, you can come up with a challenge that spreads across the network and draws attention to your profile.


You have to come up with a task – something that is not trivial and that other people can repeat. It can be a cool dance, a flash mob, a demonstration of your creativity. Come up with a plot and make some videos to try, look from the side, which option is better. You can ask a close circle of people to review the challenge before publishing it to the masses. Deal with hype topics, but keep intrigue.

Important: Do not invent anything traumatic, immoral, or anything for which you could be convicted or prosecuted. You shouldn’t lose your mind and sense of responsibility in the pursuit of likes.


Challenge are a new format that you have to work with now. It has proven its effectiveness on TikTok, now it’s Instagram’s turn. You have the opportunity to be one of the first to join the wave of Instagram challenges, when there aren’t that many on this social network.

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