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The Best beaches to visit in Majorca next summer

Majorca or also known as Mallorca is a beautiful Spanish island destination alongside the Mediterranean Sea. It’s mainly popular because of its beach getaways. And the best part is no matter what kind of beach you like, Majorca has it. It can be a secluded one, hidden beaches, or the ones crowded with people and markets, restaurants.

Plan your time to experience the Spanish beaches this season with our list as follows:

5 popular beaches to visit in Majorca

Cala Mesquida

Cala Mesquida is one of the most popular beaches here. It is long, wide, and makes the best spot for water sports and snorkeling. It also has a nice resort on one side named the VIVA Cala Mesquida Resort & Spa. The other side of the beach is quite interesting i.e., a protected nature reserve. It has all pine trees and sand dunes which add in a remote feel. Moreover, sun-bathing and umbrellas facilities are available to rent.

Es Calo Del Moro

Calo Del Moro is a beautiful, and secluded beach located near the southern coast. This beautiful beach is full of sandy scenes surrounded by high cliffs. It is not much developed and has been remained raw and preserved under the control of a private foundation. Although, it’s quite secluded but can be busy or crowded only on weekends.

As this secluded beach area is quite away from the main city area, the best option for transportation is to go for a rental car service. Approximately, a rental car in Majorca costs $28 per day. You can easily find a car for rent in Majorca with multiple pick-up locations at the airport and around the city. You can search as per your specific pick-up location, and then explore different prices at several nearby locations with different car rental companies. You can easily customize both your pick-up and drop-off locations whatever suits you.

Cala Formentor

If you are looking forward to strolling around in the small boats and relax with your loved ones – this is your thing. It’s a wide, flat beach on the southern tip of a peninsula on Majorca’s northern coast. The water here is warm, the area is a protected bay, and the beachside is lined with a grove of pine trees. The trees provide some shade for areas of the beach as well. You have all the basic facilities here like lifeguards, restrooms, changing rooms, restaurants, and cafés.


If you love to socialize and looking forward to having a nightlife culture, Magaluf won’t disappoint you. It is one of the most popular destinations for vacations around. The beach area is lined with several cafes, restaurants, and shops. In my opinion, Magaluf is highly recommended for adults as its reputation and overall vibe has entirely changed in the last couple of years.

Sa Calobra

This beautiful beach is situated on the western coast of the island, and the road leading to it dives an intense driving experience. You have to drive through a tunnel to reach there and can travel by sea or through a ferry from Port de Soller.

Moreover, it’s surrounded by very tall, rocky cliffs and rock walls. If you are into hiking and cycling, this is an amazing place for you. Moreover, there are so many cafés and restaurants near the beach.