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What must a basketball referee pay attention to?

As referee you have a number of responsibilities towards your club. It may sound strict, but they are there so we can play basketball with as much fun as possible. Most guidelines are also very self-evident. These are guidelines, in individual cases we can deviate from these guidelines in consultation with the trainer and/or board.

Basketball is fun, so keep it fun and sporty as a referee! As a referee you are dressed at least 15 minutes before the match, you wear long pants, a gray or orange referee shirt and sports shoes. You have a whistle with you and you can identify yourself.

Give the table people a hand before the start of the match. Discuss with your fellow referees and tableers beforehand if there are any issues you need to pay attention to.

The head referee can overrule. Both referees are equal and whistle in their own area unless agreements have been made. In case of disagreement, the referee can be consulted. The head referee gives the final decision.

The referee is responsible for his own area. Before the match you take care of a line-up. 

Try to keep the first quarter of the game short and whistle tight, then you keep the match under control and you can let the reins celebrate a bit later on.

Make sure you are in line with your fellow referee. Keep as much distance from the table as possible, unless the other players need your help. Never stand at the table with two referees.

Between quarters and in time-outs, as referees, stand together in the field and discuss what is going well and what is not going well.
Keep the game sporty and fun. Whistle strictly but fairly.

Be clear what your decision is and indicate it well. Ignore the crowd. Do not respond to comments from coach, coaches or players. Refer this to halftime or even after the game and then start the conversation.

In principle, there is no communication with referees. The captain may, however, ask for a brief clarification, so give it. Let coaches only ask a question at halftime or after the game.

With a referee headset system you can always communicate with your assistants in a second to make sure you made the right decision, so you can improve yourself and the game.