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5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Trading Bots Are an Industry Boom

Nowadays there is still a large volume of trading carried out by human traders when it comes to crypto exchanges. This pattern is however quickly reversed in favor of automated trading solutions, also known as trading bots. Let’s discuss the main reasons why trade bots are becoming increasingly popular:


Machines can accomplish tasks at much higher speed than humans can. In fact, it is well known that bots are responsible for 99 per cent of Wall Street trading. The percentage of transactions carried out by bots is on the rise, according to the crypto-currency market.

Ease of use

To novice users the first generations of crypto-currency trading bots were complex. The new generations have, however, greatly improved in this respect. Nowadays Gunbot is the most popular commercial trading bot. Precisely because it knows how to combine a basic graphical user interface for novices with custom functionality for experienced traders, this bot has gained popularité. Gunbot has succeeded in integrating a friendly graphical interface with built-in trading strategies, leading to trading bots being “democraticised.”

But worth mentioning are other bots such as HaasBot, Gekko and the smartcryptobot. Haasbot is one of the most popular bots, and the most expensive at the same time–but it provides quality services.  Gekko is an open source bot that helps us to conduct various trading strategies and smartcryptobot is a newly launched bot that is becoming extremely popular with time.

Time is money

It’s not an easy task to know a merchant’s trade. There are various methods, metrics, ways to interpret graphs, etc. Most people are interested only in profit and want to save the boring trading job. Therefore, they simply prefer to use automated software to trade in their own position and spend their time in appealing hobbies. On the other hand, due to the constant monitoring of the market, persistent review of indicators and excessive screen exposure, many professional traders end up with serious stress-related diseases. As a result, many of them feel it’s a blessing to have a bot do his job 24/7 on an automated basis.

Need for income

The economic crisis that started in 2008 still afflicts many nations. Unemployment rates remain high except for a few notable exceptions when wages fall or lie below the CPI. This has driven many people to look for ways to make money online and trading bots have become one of the few methods of efficient, feasible and high returns. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all these crypto-trading robots are delivering on their promises. There are automated trading robots like smartcryptobot, as spotted on Inside Bitcoins, which claim to carry their users regular profits. The robots are also a complete scam. It is important to always read on the subject before you commit to a robot.

Bots ‘ community is growing quite large, with over tens of thousands of users worldwide. Technology will radically change in a short time and having a self-driving car or a trading bot working for us will be as popular as having a mobile phone today. Here lies the future.

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