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Are spirit guides real and do we all have them?

Spirit Guides cannot be physically seen by us here on earth, but they do exist and they are real. If you are feeling blue, or are in need of advice and comfort, you can always count on your guides for help and support. Your guide always has your best interest in mind and will guide you in your road towards spiritual connection. Spirit guides however, do not communicate the same way that we do here on earth. They have different ways of sending messages such as through signs, synchronicities or coincidences. Do you every feel like you get a sudden thought or message in your head? That could very well be your guide trying to send a message through.  

The purpose of spirit guides

It doesn’t matter if you can feel your guide around you or not, they are in fact always there to give us advice in the times we crave or need it. Your guides are trying to bridge the gap between your physical and the spiritual world. Your guide know you better than anyone else, they know you on a cell level. This means that they also know what your true purpose here in earth is. They will try to guide you in the right direction and give you a nudge if you fall off this track.   


The most important to remember is that your guides are always rooting for you positively and they will never bring you down or make you feel unhappy, uncertain or uncomfortable. With your best interest at heart, you will only feel positive vibes from your guides.How many guides do you have?

We all have more than one guide that is guiding us at all times. Some guides have been with you since the moment you were born, and other guides come into your life during a certain moment or to help you achieve a certain goal. It differs a lot per person how may guides can be ‘identified’ or present.  

Connecting with your spirit guides

It is very normal if you don’t know how to contact spirit guides yet or if you don’t know how to feel their energy around you. Here are some tips to connect:

  • A gut feeling or a gut instinct –  you probably know this feeling, but you probably haven’t connected this to the fact that it might be coming from your Spirit Guide. Start to recognize this en feel how it will bring you closer.
  • Pay attention to signals and signs – they are probably all around you, all you have to do is to look more closely and be open to seeing and receiving them.
  • Start meditation – when you are in this state of ‘clear mind’ be open to start connecting and communicating. You will be amazed.

If you have trouble connecting you can always book a spirit guide reading and receive help in connecting and communicating with your guides.