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Buy a first-class Tuned Liquid Damper from these experts

Flow Engineering provides the construction and the installation of Tuned Liquid Dampers and various other dampening systems. These experts provide project oversight for on-site construction or at a desired local manufacturer to steer clear of transportation costs. In addition to that, Flow Engineering works with preferred providers of heavy lifting facilities and these specialists perform the routine maintenance for the dampening solutions that they have supplied, if that is necessary. They also check, evaluate and repair third party dampening solutions, if desired.

What is a Tuned Liquid Damper?

A Tuned Liquid Damper is a less common option, compared to the Tuned Mass Damper, when it comes to decreasing vibrations of slender constructions. A Tuned Liquid Damper is a container that is partly loaded with a mixture of glycol and water. The damper does not have any moving parts, since the dampening is supplied by the splattering of the water and glycol mixture in the damper. The Tuned Liquid Damper contains a mass that is able to alter either horizontally or vertically. Therefore, it will fluctuate in the opposite direction of the crosswind loads or waves.

The usages of this high-end damper

Using a Tuned Liquid Damper is an outstanding way to reduce the vibration of slender constructions. These specialists have over 20 years of experience in analyzing, constructing and fixing Tuned Liquid Dampers and Tuned Mass Dampers all around the world. Their high-end systems are applicable to flagpoles, chimneys and many other slim structures. However, their first-class dampers can not only be used for the decrease of vibrations: they also prevent fatigue damage.

Learn more about the possibilities

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a Tuned Liquid Damper? Or are you curious as to what the differences between a Tuned Liquid Damper and a Tuned Mass Damper are? Contact Flow Engineering via the contact details on their website. The experts will gladly tell you more and will gladly answer any questions you may have about The Tuned Liquid Damper or any of their other structures.