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Dispose of your extra IPv4 addresses by selling them

Nowadays, many businesses and organizations are dependent on the internet. They use, create, and run their entire enterprise using networks connecting to the internet. So, when the fourth version of the Internet Protocol finally ran out, many businesses were in trouble. Luckily, IPv6, IPv4’s successor, has started being used more though IPv4 is still very much needed, even in order to transition to IPv6. IPv4 address space’s worth has been climbing ever since its market existed, the price is at its highest and is still going higher.

Other businesses and organizations that have already gone bankrupt are now in possession of a lot of IPv4 address space that they don’t need, and they dispose of them without knowing their value. Read more about why selling is a great way to dispose of your extra IPv4 address space and learn about another option if selling isn’t for you.

The market is hot

Where there’s demand, there’s supply, it’s a basic economy. Many organizations are desperately in demand of IPv4 space, so the market really is packing some heat. Sellers who have plenty of IPv4 addresses to dispose of will attach high prices to their products, and they just go higher. If you or your company has extra IPv4 addresses you can make some serious money with them, though of course, it’s not as easy as putting it up for sale online. Keep reading to find out more.

Want to sell? Here’s how

It’s important to know the market you want to be a part of no matter how big or small. The process of selling IPv4 address spaces is a bit complicated, there are many aspects of it you need to understand and keep in mind when making decisions. An IP broker will be the most helpful in these matters.

IP brokers help and give advice to sellers about the best ways to sell IPv4 addresses. With their long network of people ready to buy the addresses at once, extensive knowledge about the market, and the different rules in different places from this market, it’s quite a smart idea to contact an IP broker to make everything go smoothly.

Rather rent out than sell?

Selling any product isn’t particularly for everyone, so there’s another option and that’s to rent, or lease, your IPv4 address space. Not everyone is into buying either, so the market for leasing IPv4 is just as impressive as the market for selling.