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Fan of traditional Dutch foods while living abroad? We got some news for you

Living abroad in the Netherlands is often a wonderful experience. The weather in many countries is much better than in the Netherlands. You learn a lot from living, working and life in another culture and it is very special and valuable to learn a new language. In addition, you meet all kinds of people abroad who may become friends for life. How nice is it to organise a theme party for these friends in which you can introduce them to Dutch culture? There are at least a few things that we think you should not miss. Read on to find out what products they are.  

Delicious beverages

No good party without a good drink, right? The Netherlands is known for their love of both good parties and good drinks, so that’s a good thing. When you organise a Dutch theme party, a good Dutch beer can of course not be missing. Go for a beer tasting with beers from Amstel, Heineken, Grolsch, Hertogjan or Brouwerij t’IJ, all Dutch brands that absolutely know how to brew good beer. Or just go for your own favorite. Would you rather not serve alcohol? Then you can also choose to serve a typical Dutch soft drink such as Fristi, Sisi or Fernandez. 

For the sweet tooth

The Dutch delicacies can be clearly divided into sweet and savory. We would therefore advise you to serve these delicacies separately from each other. It’s nice if your guests can try both sides of the spectrum, don’t you think? For example, start around 4 o’clock so that you can begin with a typical Dutch high tea. Then, around dinner time, you can start with the savory snacks. Sweet snacks that we think are essential at a Dutch party are the roze koeken,, stroopwafels, bokkepootjes and liquorices (drop). You can also serve something warm like poffertjes or Dutch pancakes. 

Savory needs

When the sweets have settled a little, it’s time for a nice drink around curfew. And, of course, that includes a tasty snack. You can make a typical Dutch plate with Gouda cheese, Dutch sausage, pickles and Amsterdam onions. You can also serve bitterballen, kaassoufflés and frikadellen. If you want to go all out, you can also go for herring and/or kibbeling. Anyway, your foreign friends will be amazed by all the goodies that are served. Wondering where you get all these Dutch delicacies from when you’re abroad? We have a tip for you! Check out the Dutch Expat Shop and you will be very happy with what you see.