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FIFA 21: No Cross-Play And More News

The first announcement will not sit well with the fans of FIFA. There will not be cross-play in FIFA 21. That statement was an answer to a fan’s question on twitter. That would not be a big deal if it were limited to owners of different families of console. However, the real problem is that the players will not be able to play across different generations of consoles of the same family (Xbox One to Xbox Series X or PS4 to PS5). The fact that your FUT progression can carry over across generations does not really soften the blow.

After teasing the cooperation aspect of FIFA 21 it seems like a strange move from Electronic Arts. There is a promise that they are trying to keep though. Many details will make the game feel closer to reality. For example, the fans of Olympique de Marseille will be happy to know that the speaker of the Velodrome will be present in the game. The Velodrome is the home stadium for the team. Electronic Arts has made sure that the most famous stadiums will be represented with precision.

We had already talked about stadium personalization in FUT 21. We have more details about that feature. The least we can say is that they took it to another level. You can give a name to your team and the commentators will use it. You can also choose your stadium’s pitch pattern as well as the seats and even the nets color. Electronic Arts will introduce new violet cards. They will give you rare personalization items. You will also be able to choose your supporters songs, hymns and the pyrotechnic effects of your stadium.

The game will the real life performance of the players into account. If a player performs a significant action during a match, his stats in game will improve. It is a good way to provide the fans with an accurate depiction of their favorite teams and players. We have not seen the feature in action but the idea seems promising. FUTeamGo offers you FIFA 21 coins at the best prices to help you build the ultimate team.