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Fresh and radiant again after treatment with injectables

In most cases injectables are used to remove wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles near the nose. But also when the gums are visible when smiling (the so-called gummy smile), to combat excessive sweating and to fill the lips, treatments with fillers are very suitable. All treatments in which products are inserted with a needle fall under the collective term injectables. These include temporary muscle relaxants and fillers.

Highly regarded, expert and reliable, that’s Van Lennep Kliniek

Provided it is performed by an expert doctor who has access to the right resources, fillers are safe. The advice is therefore: first research the clinic or doctor where you would like to undergo a filler treatment. It is important that the clinic works according to the proper guidelines and all employees have the right papers.

Van Lennep Clinic is a highly regarded clinic for all forms of skin improvement. The entire team has obtained the necessary papers to practice this profession perfectly. All cosmetic doctors are KNMG recognized and the skin therapists have each received an official training. Knowledge and experience is widely available and we always work towards a natural result. The first consultation, worth €50,-, is always free of obligations.

Van Lennep Kliniek has branches in Oegstgeest, Wassenaar and The Hague. You can walk into any of the clinics to make an appointment. You can also fill out the contact form on the website to make an appointment. Mailing to info@ vanlennepkliniek or calling 070-7370088 is also possible.

A-brand fillers with hyaluronic acid

At Van Lennep Clinic we work with safe A-brand fillers from top brands including Restylane and Juverderm. All fillers, including lip filling, tear duct fillers and fillers to beautifully accentuate the cheekbones, contain hyaluronic acid. This is a natural and endogenous substance that is broken down by the body over time. The fillers used at Van Lennep Clinic are not permanent and are completely biological.

Come along to the clinic and let the professionals get the best out of you!