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Klipfolio reporting made easy with multi-touch attribution to help marketers.

Klipfolio is developed in Canada and helps marketers visualize lots of data in one place. They can connect to lots of different online sources, like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. Klipfolio’s pre-built dashboards make it easy for anyone to create new projects and the interface is quite popular online. Although the reporting is quite advanced, attribution is an important piece of the marketing equation. The only way companies can make informed decisions is to understand how their marketing money is spent and who it reaches. Klipfolio attribution is something that lacks in the common marketing dashboard. 


Klipfolio dashboards and tools are an invaluable resource for marketers. They use them on a daily basis for monitoring results, tracking spends, and spotting potential channel calamities. These days, marketers no longer have to rely on manual reporting and input from the team. Marketers have been using Klipfolio to track their progress and outcomes for years. In spite of how recent the upswing in usage has been, Klipfolio is often still thought of as a new feature or technology. Marketers have always used it to help with their budgets, spot channel calamities, and monitor their campaign results. In today’s business world, marketers need new insights to optimize their dashboards. Dashboards don’t work on their own and Klipfolio is here to help. Klipfolio is the perfect enhancement for a Klipfolio dashboard. It gives you the tools and insights you need to optimize your dashboard and helps you make real actionable decisions for your company.


When you add the Odyssey connector to your GDS, you can elevate your marketing data to a whole other level. For example, incrementality is a percentage that shows the incremental value of each campaign or ad to your overall conversions. You can use the Odyssey connector to your GDS to measure your marketing analytics in a way that’s never been possible before. It shows you the incremental value of each campaign or ad to your overall conversions, for example, by calculating an Incrementality Index.


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