NBA 2K21 Demo: First Impressions And Takeaways

NBA 2K21 demo is now available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and it’s well worth downloading. The demo offers the chance for players to get a taste of what NBA 2K21 is all about.

Here are our first impressions and takeaways from the NBA 2K21 demo:


MyPLAYER Builder

My Player builder is an RPG sort of mode for NBA 2K21, where you can sculpt your own player and select his physical features. Furthermore, you have the ability to choose the skill set of your player, making it one of a kind. You can choose to invest in either defensive or offensive stats, which can dictate the fate of the entire game.

The My PLAYER Builder was severely flawed in previous NBA games where demo data were imported via the PS Camera. However, since that feature is now totally absent, the player builder mode is near perfect.


Quick Game

A quick game is the easiest way to jump into NBA 2K21 without having to fluff about. You’ll be able to fire up a regular exhibition game between two teams. Your choices will be between the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles All-Time Lakers, and Boston All-Time Celtics. You are limited to only 5 Quick Games in the NBA 2K21 demo.

The good news is this is more than enough to get acclimated to the new gameplay changes. Of course, you won’t get everything down perfect just yet.



NBA 2K21 preserves the spirit of the original NBA titles and introduces some new challenges. The demo is a great way to familiarize yourself with the game and sharpen your skills before the actual release.

NBA 2K21 gameplay introduces some new challenges with shooting changes, the Pro Stick, some new moves on both sides of the ball, and new badge setups. The Pro Stick introduces a challenging new way to try and improve your shooting, and the new shooting systems looks and feels good.



The NBA 2K21 demo is a great way to get started with the game and get used to the gameplay changes that are coming this year. There are some things that worry us like some bad badges in My Player builder still remaining despite 2K analyzing badge data from last year.

But overall, the gameplay remains tight, and the new features add a good challenge. With this said, the NBA 2K21 demo has us more excited than ever for launch day! And we’re working hard to prepare the NBA 2K21 MT coins for you, to make sure you are able to buy them at MTStacks in early September. Stay tuned and there’re more discount campaigns coming soon!