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Pattaya Server Solutions

It is important to choose server hosting wisely and make future-based decisions.

Pattaya servers are divided into two

  • Dedicated
  • Virtual server

The customers can choose the one according to their needs and requirements of the site. Every type has its own importance and benefits. The main features, which are considered the most, are speed and quality. Pattaya servers hosting is combination of two for very low rates. Here we have discussed the types of servers in details. Let’s have a look at it:


Dedicated Server:

The trendiest server is dedicated server. It is evident with the name that the server is dedicated to one customer and there are no sharing. The customer get to have a complete access over it and can enjoy the access to administrative level. Dedicated Servers are available in variety according to the customers’ requirement. You can also ask for dedicated servers designed according to the specific needs respectively from hosting companies.

Dedicated servers offer spacious storage and complete authority while there are minimum security issues involved. While virtual servers also provide some authority, but it is not enough. Dedicated servers, on contrary provide you the control over hardware and software customer use. The packages for starters are initiated with 2.999 baht


Virtual Server:

Virtual Server are also commonly known as virtual private hosting and VPS. Virtual servers are systems that create individual internet environment. Several users share the server resources, the hypervisor is there to ensure that resources are distributed equally with every user on their specific domain.

Although every one shares the one giant server, but the privacy is been ensured with the private corridors as per requirement.


What to choose?

Virtual or dedicated servers! The choice is yours. The choice should be made on your individual basis. The decision can be dependent on many things like your requirement of storage, speed, CPU Cores, RAM, etc. Among all these the prices and affordability are one of the few that should be considered the most.

There are variety of price plans available so you can choose the one that fits your budget accordingly. All or hosting plans include features that ensure speed, scalability, customer services and dependability.