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Prevent bullying at work!

Bullying at work is more common than you think. Many owners think ‘that doesn’t happen here’. Only in practice it appears that more than a quarter of people in the Netherlands have been bullied at least once at work by supervisors of colleagues. In other countries it is often no better. So it’s almost better to assume that there is a chance. How do you prevent this now? Read it here in this short article about bullying at work.

Forms of bullying, free anonymous text

There are different forms of bullying that occur. There are also executives and colleagues who bully through free anonymous text. In addition to using free anonymous text, there are other forms of bullying. Being excluded from parties is also a form of bullying. Everyone is invited for a team outing, on behalf of one person. Particularly resentful and very hooked up for those who get outdoors. Social origination is a very bad form of bullying. It is often experienced as even worse than a free anonymous text. Although of course this could just as well damage someone very badly.

How do you prevent bullying at work?

Ten first, a good policy is needed, a good pest protocol. Make it clear yourself that bullying behavior is not accepted and set a good example yourself. In particular, laughing along with jokes that hurt someone, creates an unsafe climate. Bullying is not thought sometimes a matter of a perpetrator and a victim. Normally it is a group process and everyone has a role. Employees should feel that they can tell their story to their manager. In addition, it is useful to designate a trusted person to whom employees can turn. Furthermore, a complaints committee and a bullying complaint report are also part of the entire bullying policy in your company.