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Serve your customer optimally

A proverb that everyone knows: the customer is king. In other words, the customer is important. The customer is your most important person in the entire process. From product development to after sales. Without a customer you can have such a beautiful product or such a beautiful service, it makes no sense at all. In short: you always need your customer and they always come first. It is therefore increasingly important that you can serve your customer optimally. Where in the past it was easy for the customer to believe things, today it is different. Everyone has internet and there are countless providers. The customer has become demanding and companies are also noticing this. Do you want to keep attracting the right customers? Then optimally serving your customer is the key. Before you can do that, you need to know how to improve your product or service. There are several methods for this. Two of these methods are highlighted in this blog.


UX Research

This method allows you to improve your product or service with the aim of finding out what works and what doesn’t. Pay attention, because the ultimate goal of a product or service is to solve the customer’s problem. By buying your product or service, the customer solves the problem. At UX research, you work in such a way that you already present your prototype to customers. Customers can then literally give feedback that you can do something with. Improve the product or service and serve your customer optimally.


Customer journey mapping

This method also ensures that your product or service is improved, but you will see for yourself what could be improved. The customer is on a journey. That journey starts as soon as the customer first encounters your brand in the store and ends when the purchase is made. In that journey there are still a lot of intermediate steps, during those steps your customer comes into contact with your product or service. By means of customer journey mapping you map these and you look at where things can be improved. Then improve this and then serve your customer optimally in that way.