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Ship design software? Look no further!

If you’re looking for good ship design software you should be checking CADMATIC out. With 40% of the current active shipyards using this software you’re guaranteed to be using software that does help the design process. From the basics to detailed design. The software is excellent for the extraction of production information and automated production planning.

Another perk of the software is that it’s highly flexible. The fact it’s so adaptable to different customer workflows allows you to meet the highest standards and expectations.

Get started

Most software takes a while to get used to. It’s understandable that you don’t have all the time in the world to fully master software. That’s why they made it easier for you by posting webinars, but also full demos. Regardless of what your level is, it doesn’t hurt to check the website and participate in a couple of these webinars. Though the software is easy to understand and you’ll probably make it your own in two to five days it is certainly worth checking the demos out.

If you need to design something specifically, but have not used this tool before you can easily follow the guide step by step. This makes it very easy to use regardless of your experience and knowledge.

The demos are here to help you with designing hull and structural design, outfitting and piping design, electrical and automation, information management and possible add ons. Does this sound appealing to you and are you curious how the software works exactly? Then it is recommended to watch one of these demos! Ship design has never been this easy.