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Solids Solutions particle technology

Research into the smallest particles is necessary in order to process them correctly in products. Many products in various industries contain particles or powders. The properties of these particles are crucial for the proper functioning of the product. Solids Solutions has focused on particle and powder technology, in order to obtain information about these properties, so that the particles can be applied in the right way. We carry out extensive research in our laboratory in Delft, where we have various methods and instruments at our disposal. You can contact us, for example, if you get stuck in the development of a specific product.


Measuring the settling velocity of nanoparticles


One way of measuring the size of particles is to let them settle in a liquid. Information about the settling velocity allows the size of the particles to be calculated. Originally Stokes’ law was used, but nowadays we use X-rays. At certain points, the transmission of the radiation in the liquid is examined. This gives a faster and more accurate result. Sedimentation can be applied to soil samples, but sedimentation nanoparticles are also effective for calculating size.


Dynamic light scattering


To determine the size of powder particles and suspensions, we at Solids Solutions use dynamic light scattering. This method is also called laser diffraction. The particles are scattered in a specific medium and illuminated with a laser beam. Based on the scattering pattern visible through the laser beam, the size of the particles can be determined. Also the particle size distribution becomes clear. Do you need specific information about particles or powders you work with? Solids Solutions can help you find answers and solutions. In addition, we regularly organise seminars and presentations in which we share our findings.