Temporary Office Cubicles For Social Distancing

Screening has been implemented throughout all industries and offices to create a safe environment for those who have returned to work. By adding screening, it not only supports the current social distancing guidelines but adds an additional protective measure to ensure you’ve done as much as you can.

With many manufacturers creating new screen designs and finishes, you’ll have a wider, more appropriate selection available. Materials like acrylic, laminate and anti-bacterial fabrics are great options as each can be wiped clean and disinfected to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Some office designs rely on an open plan office space, so adding screens might not be a design they wish to keep. In this eventuality it’s important that screening can be added to keep staff safe but removed just as easily when it’s safe to do so. Creating temporary office cubicles could be the answer. You’ll provide the shielding from others needed, but when the time comes, the screens can be removed, and the office can resume as normal.

Temporary office screens can come in the form of desktop, freestanding and portable styles. Desktop solutions are more compact and attach to the back of the desk. With a simple clamp system any finish of screen can be securely fastened to your desktop, providing instant protection.

Portable screening, particularly popular for the healthcare and education sectors, is extremely versatile. The portable, concertina screens can be folded, moved and stored in one swift movement. The castors wheels allow the screen to be moved to different locations, so when it’s not surrounding your desk creating a cubicle, you can store away until needed again.

Freestanding screens provide the meeting room/cubicle feel as they provide complete shielding from top to bottom. Connecting various screens together is the most effective way to design a cubicle. Even though you’ll be in a more enclosed space, there’s no reason to feel shut off from the office. Incorporating acrylic is a modern and effective way to let light through and acts like a window – all whilst being safe in your own work pod.

Whilst cubicles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, we find ourselves in time where it’s the best way to be safe at work. Luckily, new solutions make it modern and inviting and can be adapted to any workspace. Plan ahead and choose a solution that can be versatile in the future and it’ll be a well thought out investment.