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Viva the veggie! Why vegan pizzas are booming right now

Eating vegan is becoming more and more popular these days. When the term ‘vegan’ was first coined, people associated this with sluggish, tree-hugging fanatics who would even help snails to cross the road safely, even if it took them three hours. Nowadays, the vegan lifestyle is much more socially accepted. Infact, a third of the British population now believes striving for a vegan lifestyle is an admirable thing to do. When asking about their attitude towards giving up animal products completely, a shift in attitude is clearly visible. Needless to say that vegan food and thus vegan pizza is on the rise.


The birth of the vegan pizza

Though anybody born after the 17th century knows what pizza is, it hasn’t been too long ago since the first vegan pizza base was invented. This all comes from the trend of living and eating healthier and adjusting to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. It was not until recently that pizza bases were made solely from dough. Today, vegetables are the base for various vegan pizzas. And the good news is: they are available in a lot of different shapes and sizes. The traditional American pizza crust is now available as a cauliflower, pumkin, spinach or beetroot crust. Plus you don’t have to loot the entire vegetable aisle to create your own! Vegan pizza bases are now produced on a large scale by inventive Dutch companies such as Monte Pizza Crust, who take pride in only using fresh ingredients for their pizza bases. Naturally, this concept is perfect for pizza lovers who want to join the vegan trend without sacrificing too much of their spare time for prepping vegan meals. 


Creating a better world by healthier choices

Our food choices have a huge effect on our day-to-day wellbeing and the health of the planet, as natural resources are becoming more scarce. The growing, processing and producing process of our food has an enormous effect on our world. For the production of 1 kilo pork meat, a staggering 6.000 liters of water and 4.5 kilos of cattle feed is needed. In comparison: the food supply for a carnivor requires about 18 times more square meters (12150) than the food supply for a veganist (675 square meters). So by changing the way we eat we can change our impact on the environment. By choosing a vegan dinner meal more often, or switching to a vegan lifestyle completely we can create a world that is healthier and it also a way to produce less animal waste. By the way, eating vegan is often much cheaper than eating meat so you can also keep your hard-earned money into your pocket by doing so. Guess that snail helping tree-hugger wasn’t so sluggish after all.


Surprise yourself: go for a vegan pizza base

Back to vegan pizzas: apart from being good for the environment and being a healthy alternative on the market it also tastes really good. So challenge your tastebuds and give the vegan pizza a go. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.