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What additives are there and what can I use them for?

In recent years, the use of additives has improved significantly. This has to do with several factors, including the arrival of E10 petrol. Additives provide protection, cleaning and optimization of oil, fuel and cooling systems. When you use additives, this can lead to lower fuel consumption and slower wear. Nice benefits of course. But which additives are there exactly and what are they for? You can read that in this blog!


The rise of additives in recent years

As already mentioned above, there has been a strong increase in the use of additives in recent years. Developments on the market show that there is a need for products with a special application, for example to solve engine problems. Engine parts have had to endure the equivalent due to, for example, the arrival of fuels with a bio component (such as E10 petrol). CO2 emissions are gradually reduced, the engine parts get it. It makes the more aggressive. This is where additives come in, which are specifically designed to protect the fuel system against the effects of fuels with a biocomponent.

At Ardina Car Care we have fuel additives for car from multiple brand, this brand has its own additives that are of course available from us. We describe per type of additive what it is and what you can use it for. If you still have questions or doubts about which additives can work for your car, please feel free to contact us.


Fuel Additives

First we have different fuel additives, each with a slightly different effect. For example, we have a system cleaner, with which you can clean the entire fuel system. This is the beginning of the beginning you notice that the gasoline is of lesser quality and the engine power. We also have engine oil treats, which provide a thicker and stiffer lubricating film between moving parts with the aim of preventing metal-metal contact. This reduces the power. We also have fuel additives that stop leaks in fuel engines. It is compatible with all mineral and synthetic mono and multigrade fit. Finally, in this category we have several types of built-in flush, which cleans and lengthens extended motors. Throttle response and acceleration are improved.


Diesel and petrol cleaners and diesel treatments

Secondly, we have a number of types of diesel and petrol cleaners and treatments in our range. Diesel and petrol treatment ensure that the entire fuel system is cleaned. This improved the performance of your car and ensures that your car will drive more economically. Through a complete combustion chambers, injection systems and exhaust valves with carbon deposits. Adding fuel additives to fuel provides fundamental cleaning and restores original performance to engine and engine components.