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Where can Real Estate Aruba help you with?

Aruba is a beautiful island to live on or just visit. There are many beautiful places on the island that you really don’t get tired of. Many young people visit the island and usually stay longer than they planned. Are you also someone who has done this and would you like to live there permanently? Then you are probably looking for Real Estate Aruba, they will help you find a dream home. 

What does a Real Estate do? 

Real Estate Aruba helps you find homes. You can indicate in advance what your wishes are and of course at what price level you want to be. Based on the stated wishes, Real Estate Aruba will search for you. There are of course many different locations where you can live in Aruba, so it is important that you also indicate which are the best locations for you so that you do not end up in a place where there are few facilities nearby, unless you like this. 

Can anyone buy a house in Aruba? 

All unregistered visitors can buy a house or land in Aruba and are treated in the same way as the registered people, or Aruba citizens. There is even a possibility to buy a house or land on the basis of a lease contract. The lease contract is then valid for 60 years and you pay a certain amount each year. 

What are the tax costs in Aruba? 

The tax costs in Aruba vary in how much your income is per year. The tax percentage can vary from 7% to 52%. Just like in all other countries you pay tax on what you earn. Of course there are always options to pay as little tax as possible.