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4 Tradeshow Tips for Small Businesses

Exhibitions and tradeshows have proven to be beneficial and successful for a lot of the attendees. If you’re a smaller business and looking to attend an event for the first time it’s a brilliant avenue to go down, but as always there are some things to consider.

It goes without saying that attending an event can be costly, so to make sure it will be worth your time and money, we’ve listed 4 things to think about to ensure you make the right decision.

Select the right event

Across the UK alone you’ll be able to find 100’s of shows throughout the year. Whilst you have many to choose from, you need to make sure you have chosen the right event for you and your business. The show you will attend needs to be linked to your industry, so on the day you will have legitimate interest about your brand, and hopefully gain new customers in the long run.

Set your goal

Before you choose the event, what is the main objective and what are you hoping to achieve? It’s important that you know why you’re attending and the outcome you would like. Set your self a goal for the full event, to give a clear vision and direction on the day allowing you to steer towards this throughout the planning process too.


As with any aspect of a business, being aware of the budget and keep the costs low are always going to be on the list. Shop around for your printed displays, compare prices and services until you have the results you are happy with.

As well as the displays and accessories, shop around for the stand space too. You’ll find the bigger the space the more expensive this will be, so keeping to smaller stand spaces can help save the pennies.

Tip:- Local events can help boost your profile, look out for the ones with no entry fees.


Once you have your stand booked and the final details confirmed, it’s time to get the word out there and let people know that you’ll be attending. Use your free social media accounts to tell your customers about the event. Be sure to use hashtags to help the post get further.

Using email marketing to let people know when, where and what you have to offer is another way to invite them to the event so they can check out your stand and make your visit worthwhile.